Pimping Out Blog

Warning: Entry gets a little techy.

The Ghost Blog Platform (the engine running this blog) runs on NodeJS and is relatively new -- so it makes us beg for more when it comes to integration with other services like Twitter, Google, FaceBook, etc.

But slowly I'm looking around and finding ways to implementing it manually myself. Tonight I managed to get two things added:

  • Disqus comment system
  • Google Analytics

So now you will be able to (if you're interesed ;-]) to comment on the blog posts using the commenting system and I'll be able to track some site statistics via Google.

For anyone running a Ghost Blog and is interested and implenting either Google Analytics or Disqus follow the following links for a thorough walk through:

Google Analystics: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/ghost/adding-google-analytics-to-ghost

Note: I made a slight change from what the article tells you to do. I added my Google tracking code to right before the </body> tag in the default.hbs file. Had issues with the blog loading when I added the code before the </head> tag.

Disqus: http://blog.christophvoigt.com/enable-comments-on-ghost-with-disqus/

If you need any help with this, leave a comment below.

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