Changing It Up

So tomorrow (today since it's passed 12am here) is going to be pretty nice out here in North Jersey -- we're getting temperatures up to 60 degrees. Huge change from the frigid temps we have been getting from all the storms. Unfortunately this victory will be short lived because two days after (Thursday) it's going to drop back down to 22 degrees. It sucks but hey I'll take what I can get at this point.

I failed miserably when going to the gym this morning. Was at my parents house for the weekend and the one hour commute is a huge turn off when waking up. Needless to say I couldn't motivate myself to get up and go early to the gym. But I'm back in my apartment tonight so I shouldn't have any excuses this time -- and the temperature is going to be pretty nice so definitely no excuses.

I did pretty well with eating clean today (snuck in two somoas [girl scout cookies] though during work) -- also had some green juice after a long time. I love juicing but it's so time consuming. I have an auger so it's not as fast as other models but it's more efficient and less heat is applied to the juice. On average it takes me about a half hour to make the juice and clean up. A little less than a year ago I went on a green juice diet and had it for thirty days straight -- I got so sick of it but I was in the best shape I had been in a long time. Fell off the wagon after that and hopefully I'll be able to get back on in the next few months.

Speaking of change -- I'm working on a big change in the next few months but am going to keep it close to the chest. So far everyone who I've discussed this with have all agreed it's not the best of ideas -- but sometimes the best ideas are the ones that no one agrees with initially and it turns out for the best. We have to take risks every once in a while to reap the rewards -- otherwise life would be so linear, utterly predictable and boring. But as of right now still mowing over the details and mums the word.

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